Monday, October 18, 2010

Rectangular/Cuboid Cooling Towers (DFC-60)

Delta DFC-60 Series industrial cooling towers utilize the induced draught counter flow principle of operation. Heated water enters via the hot water inlet passing through perforated branch pipes spreading the water evenly by the splash caps. Water is distributed over the heat exchange fill. Water flows as a thin film downward through the fill coming into direct contact with ambient air traveling upwards in a counter flow direction.

Water cooling is affected by heat transfer to the air in the form of evaporation and convention. To prevent carry – over of water droplets by the fan, drift eliminators are mounted above the water distribution. The drift eliminator controls drift loss to less than 0.02 % of water in circulation.

Great flexibility is introduced by multi-cell cooling towers which can be tailored to meet individual cooling requirements and conditions. This design also assures a high degree of availability.


  1. DELTA COOLING TOWERS P. LTD. is a celebrated Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Cuboid Shape FRP Cooling Tower (SERIES DFC-60) in the market. This range of Cuboid Shape FRP Cooling Tower (SERIES DFC-60) is popular for their modular design and customized options. Cuboid Shape FRP Cooling Tower (SERIES DFC-60) Tower is offered in accordance to market specifications that consists of vertical induced draught counter flow design with optimal heat transfer, and uniform water distribution. Future extension may easily be obtained because of the modular design.