Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Delta's DFC-60 series Cooling Towers are factory-fabricated and are designed to be erected at the job site. This allows the design flexibility that results in the uniquely pleasant DFC-60 series configuration and permits a wide variety of orientation. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Erection of Cooling Tower

The erection and physical installation of a Cooling Tower requires some pre-preparation whether on the part of the contractor or direct user. To the practiced hand, most of the requirements are obvious, but the check list given below may help the busy engineer to ensure that the major points at least are covered:

Effects of location on Tower

  1.  Will the tower protrude on the skyline and the planning permission required? Most of the authorities/civic bodies include the tower height in to the total height of the building.
  2. Is the tower roof mounted? If so, is the roof loading satisfactory?
  3. Is the electricity supply available? What is the voltage, phase and frequency?
  4. Is the make up water available in sufficient quantity and pressure?
  5. Are the foundation required, and who provides?
  6. Does the site allow access for maintenance, painting, treatment and cleaning etc.?
  7. Does the site provide for drain and over flow?
  8. Is the tower in best orientation?

Effects of Tower on location  
  1. Particularly on air conditioning, is the noice level suitable for night as well as daytime operation, where applicable?
  2. Is the building structure of such a type as to transmit vibration or are anti-vibration pads or mountings required?
  3. Can the moist air discharge escape satisfactorily or does it discharge past and into adjacent windows?
  4. With the possible combination of high water temperature and winter operation, will the condensing vapour plume prove a nuisance e.g. top floor site in the city? 
  5. Architectural treatment can be applied to the tower and surroundings if required.
  1. Prior to erection has been visited?
  2. Was the access and route of access checked? 
  3. Are scaffolding, crane or hoisting required? Who will provide this?
  4.  Ensure that all safety guards are fitted prior to test.
  5. How long will off-loading take? 
  6. During erection, remember that full statutory regulation must be observed, local fire regulations, building, safety, health etc.

Monday, October 18, 2010


We specialize in manufacturing Cooling Tower, Non Chemical Water Treatment Device, Energy Efficient Fan and their Spare Parts. We also offer services for the above mentioned products which are executed in a given time frame.

Salient Features-

We do everything to make our products flawless, reliable, efficient and high in performance; our products are by no means to be classified as inferior in any respect. Delta Cooling Towers P. Ltd. offers a wide range of well designed water treatment systems which exhibit features like:


    * Compact and Light Weight
    * High Efficiency
    * Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Construction
    * Induced Draft Fans with Manually Adjustable Pitch
    * Even Water Distribution
    * Corrosion Resistant
    * Long Life and Heavy Duty
    * Easy Maintenance
    * Competitive Cost, etc.


    * Reduces Water Treatment Costs
    * Controls New Scale Formation
    * Removes Existing Scale
    * No Operating Cost
    * No Maintenance 
    * No Chemical / No Recharging
    * No Moving Parts
    * Non Polluting, etc. 

Owing to the features highlighted above, our products have gained recognition amidst our clients.


Our company has managed to build a well recognized business network by dint of our relentless hard-work over the years. DELTA COOLING TOWERS P. LTD. has made its fame not only in the national but also the international markets. Our network has empowered us in the timely and efficient distribution of our products in the markets of the SAARC nations as well as India.

Clients are the epicenter of our activities at DELTA. We are a client oriented organisation and endeavor to keep our clients happy. DELTA maintains a presstigious list of customers across the country including many market leaders and Govt. Organisations.

Cooling Towers Spare Parts

At DELTA COOLING TOWERS P. LTD., we are reckoned as an eminent Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Cooling Tower Spare Parts in India and worldwide. Our company offers a superior grade of Cooling Tower Spare Parts at most reasonable prices. Cooling Tower maintenance and repairing are the crucial components of our company’s business. For this purpose, Cooling Tower Spare Parts are readily made available by us to offer our esteemed clients.

Rectangular/Cuboid Cooling Towers (DFC-60)

Delta DFC-60 Series industrial cooling towers utilize the induced draught counter flow principle of operation. Heated water enters via the hot water inlet passing through perforated branch pipes spreading the water evenly by the splash caps. Water is distributed over the heat exchange fill. Water flows as a thin film downward through the fill coming into direct contact with ambient air traveling upwards in a counter flow direction.

Water cooling is affected by heat transfer to the air in the form of evaporation and convention. To prevent carry – over of water droplets by the fan, drift eliminators are mounted above the water distribution. The drift eliminator controls drift loss to less than 0.02 % of water in circulation.

Great flexibility is introduced by multi-cell cooling towers which can be tailored to meet individual cooling requirements and conditions. This design also assures a high degree of availability.